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Apply PAN Card

If you are an INDIVIDUAL and do not have PAN Card yet then Click here to apply a new PAN Card from home and get it delivered at your home itself. Whether you are starting a new business or need a bank account, everywhere PAN Card is needed.


  • AADHAR Card is mandatory to apply for a PAN Card
  • Advantage: If you have an updated AADHAR Card which have: a) Your Complete Full Name b) Your Full Date of Birth, For ex: 03/10/1995 c) Your Correct Address

Then your AADHAR Card is sufficient to provide as a document for the proof of Identity, Address and Date of Birth also. The all we want to say is that you do not need to provide any other document if your AADHAR Card fulfills above criteria.

3 Steps to get PAN Card at your home

Fill up the Online Form
Make Payment Online
Print Form, Sign, Paste Photo & Send to us.
That's all. Rest we will take care of.

Why do we need a PAN Card?

PAN Card is an essential document for most of us in India, not just for the purpose of filing tax returns, but many of us, use it as a form of identification, as well. Today having a PAN card has become mandatory for most people irrespective of whether they have taxable income or not.

Few Words about us?

In the light of the fact that PAN Card has become an essential document, apply-pancard.com started its operations in February 2016 to facilitate individuals in applying for PAN Card online. apply-pancard.com aims to make the process of applying for PAN Card smooth and easy by providing support throughout the process. The services rendered include processing of application forms for those who are applying for new PAN card.

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